Saturday, December 31, 2011

Incubator update!

So its been three days since I put my hatching eggs in the incubator.
I have a show girl egg.
A LF Cochin egg
a Roopert/Nugget egg
A necked neck LF egg
one Austrolorp egg
and two RI red eggs :D

Four more days and I will be able to tell you all if any of them are growing!! :D

EWWW I cant wait for spring...

Ugh, one thing I cant stand about Winter is the "pile up" method as my mother calls it...
Were you basically let the poop pile up at the bottom of the coop so that it helps the birds stay warm.
I am totally investing in electrifying the coop so I can plug a heating pad or something in down there.
NEVER AGAIN! Now I have to wait until Spring so I can completely clean it. Oh I cant wait!!!

Frosts first egg!!

My new hen Frost, who we got as a buddy for my lonely hen Winter had laid her very first egg!!!
A tiny little thing that I forgot to take a picture of, but she did it!
God look at me posting this at 12:39 Am lol I need a life XD
Anyway, she was making such a ruckus today, she kept squawking and complaining...
And then around noon time I went down stairs and found this tiny little egg plopped up in there little nesting box!!! Oh im so proud of my little hen!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

A hens troubles...

Well im afraid im at a loss as to what to do about poor F.O.N....
Mr. Roopert hates her...None of her eggs are ever fertile, and every chance my rooster gets hes chasing her away.
I just cant figure it out! My guess is her comb and wattles; hes jealous because hers are bigger then his.
But, now i dont know what to do about her...
Do i place her?
Do I keep her and let her just run around and be chased by Roopert?
*sigh* any ideas anyone?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today we learned Mr. Roopert is VERY fertile...

Yes a very odd topic, however I find this interesting.
My rooster Mr. Roopert
Is the head of my "big bird" flock as I call it. At the moment it is "winter" minus the snow *grumble...* so my hens are not laying to well. HOWEVER! Nugget is laying just fine! She is my Golden laced wyandotte.
SO! With my egg incubator running, I decided to put one of her egg's in it. Before my hatching eggs arrived...
So like a trooper I took the egg out and hid it from my eagle eyed mother who was CONVINCED I had to hatch just the one egg.
Ah no...
So for two days I had a "fake" egg in the incubator. An egg that had been in the fridge since November...
Now...with everything I have been reading, it says that eggs that have been sitting for that long should not be fertile normally...
I was just proven wrong...
For giggles we cracked open the "fake" egg, expecting a fowl smelly stink bomb, and found instead blood vessels from a starting to grow chick...O_O Uh...well, *cough* that is some very potent sperm you have Mr. Roopert, congrats, when this chick from this current egg hatches, I will personally let it grow up whether it be male or female.

Internet down!

So for the last two days we have been without internet, well that's all fine and all but how on earth was I supposed to tell anyone about the exciting news this morning :(
Well, lucky me, the internet came back on! Yay!
Today in the mail not only arrived a clutch of hatching eggs, but a candler!
A high powered LCD (I think anyway...) light that can easily shine threw dark colored egg shells!
Well...silly me could not figure out how it worked...
I pressed the button and looked directly into the little black hole...VWOOSH!!!
Talk about painful and blinding!
Im still seeing spots!!!
I currently have two Rod-island reds, one austrolorp, one naked neck, one big cochin, one show girl, and one Roopert nugget egg in the egg incubator! 
Im currently trying to get the machine to turn the eggs automatically however its not working so well. Every 45 minuets im rushing down the stairs and watching the silly little thing turn just to make sure its actually turning Lol.

*Hmm...the font seems to be challenging me!*

Also, for the record...
45 mile per hour winds=Falling over hens. 
All of my birds keep getting knocked over!!
And when Poor Silver wnet airborn when she came out of the coop yesterday the wind caught under her wings and sent her shooting up into the sky!
Making me run around like a fool while I tried to catch her...Silver is a bit flighty so she was NOT amused...


I almost forgot to introduce everyone!
There is me, Sara, also known as Winter.
My Fiancee, Adam, who will most likely be referred to as Sarge,
and the little brother Steve, also known and commonly referred to as Bone-head
Now onto the animals:
There are the Greyhounds
8 year old Leo
6 month old Sarge
and 4 year old Angel.
 And the Chihuahua:
2 year old Gizmo.

Kiwi and Kiki
Both 3-4 years old
rescued from the side of the road and from under someones porch,
Danny Boy
Rescued from a shelter but is VERY feral. (Awesome chicken cat)

Kush, the lionhead cross
and Rin, my angora cross rescue, who was so matted when i got her she had open soars and bruises all on her side and belly :(

And now for the chickens!!!
Partridge in a pear tree-Silkie
Flakes-Silkie Frizzle
Mr. Bo-Bo-Cochin
Betty-Rescued golden laced Seabrite

Bug-Buff Orphington and head hen
Missy-Buff Orphington
Mr. Roopert-Buff Orphington rooster
Silver-Silver laced Wyandotte
Nugget-Golden laced Wyandotte
Izzy-EE and the clown of the group
Pepper-EE and the only one who can repeat her name back to us *Not joking*
F.O.N. (Freak.Of.Nature.)-Brown leg horn who really is a flighty freak of nature...
Lady Puff-White bard rock
Big Mamma-White bard rock

In a few weeks hopefully I will have a few new faces to introduce from my incubator! :D

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A funny image

Well its 8 PM where I am, and normally I have my hens locked in there coop by now. HOWEVER! I forgot...The weather is currently rainy, with close to 40 mile per hour winds....
My Buff Orphington Bug; the fresh little lady above, did not however...and greeted me at the gate with a loud squawk, which I assume was her saying "Its raining, now get your skinny a$$ over here and close us in, its cold!!!"
Bug's actions were very surprising as its currently very dark out and I have never known her or any of my hens to be out at night?
However that was just neat, this next part was just funny!
My Adam, also known as Sarge, decided in the poring rain that he had to bring the trash can up to the top of our driveway.
Our driveway is very, very...very, long...
So instead of letting him adventure on his own, I found the biggest umbrella I could find and walked with him, and the trash can, up the driveway...All the way to the very top.
Then almost lost the umbrella to the wind!!

Hello all!

Well after some deliberating I decided to create a blog on my experience as a first time chicken owner, and my fiancee's (soon to be husband) experience as a first time self-sufficient gardener.
So far this year chicken wise: we got the coop, constructed the fence, raised the hens, and now are letting them free range in our backyard.
We only had one close call with a hawk, and my mother's beagle, but so far we are good!

Garden wise: Sarge has widened our little garden into a two sided gient thing and is now attempting to expand the garden once more, by simply creating another section on the other side of the yard...
Well, here is hoping it wont be a disaster!!
The name Blue-Moon farms, was decided on, due to the fact that my Kennel is called "Blue-Moon kennels" and commonly referred to as, jokingly at first, Blue-Moon farm, due to the amount of animals. The physical name Blue-Moon, was created due to the book I am writing and have personally copyrighted called "Nore: The awakening" where the phrase Blue-Moon is used quite often.
Oddly, the physical symbol of the Blue-moon is also my well known trademark on my art website where it is very well know that I am nuts about my hens.
That is also where the nickname's: Winter (for me) And Sarge (For my fiancee) were created :D
Currently we have:
Three show Greyhounds, one pet chihuahua, two rescue rabbits, and now a backyard full of chickens!
Well this is all for now, Thursday I will be posting *Hopefully* about the hatching eggs that have arrived, and the progress of them in my brand new incubator!