Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A funny image

Well its 8 PM where I am, and normally I have my hens locked in there coop by now. HOWEVER! I forgot...The weather is currently rainy, with close to 40 mile per hour winds....
My Buff Orphington Bug; the fresh little lady above, did not however...and greeted me at the gate with a loud squawk, which I assume was her saying "Its raining, now get your skinny a$$ over here and close us in, its cold!!!"
Bug's actions were very surprising as its currently very dark out and I have never known her or any of my hens to be out at night?
However that was just neat, this next part was just funny!
My Adam, also known as Sarge, decided in the poring rain that he had to bring the trash can up to the top of our driveway.
Our driveway is very, very...very, long...
So instead of letting him adventure on his own, I found the biggest umbrella I could find and walked with him, and the trash can, up the driveway...All the way to the very top.
Then almost lost the umbrella to the wind!!

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