Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hello all!

Well after some deliberating I decided to create a blog on my experience as a first time chicken owner, and my fiancee's (soon to be husband) experience as a first time self-sufficient gardener.
So far this year chicken wise: we got the coop, constructed the fence, raised the hens, and now are letting them free range in our backyard.
We only had one close call with a hawk, and my mother's beagle, but so far we are good!

Garden wise: Sarge has widened our little garden into a two sided gient thing and is now attempting to expand the garden once more, by simply creating another section on the other side of the yard...
Well, here is hoping it wont be a disaster!!
The name Blue-Moon farms, was decided on, due to the fact that my Kennel is called "Blue-Moon kennels" and commonly referred to as, jokingly at first, Blue-Moon farm, due to the amount of animals. The physical name Blue-Moon, was created due to the book I am writing and have personally copyrighted called "Nore: The awakening" where the phrase Blue-Moon is used quite often.
Oddly, the physical symbol of the Blue-moon is also my well known trademark on my art website http://whitewinterwolf.deviantart.com/ where it is very well know that I am nuts about my hens.
That is also where the nickname's: Winter (for me) And Sarge (For my fiancee) were created :D
Currently we have:
Three show Greyhounds, one pet chihuahua, two rescue rabbits, and now a backyard full of chickens!
Well this is all for now, Thursday I will be posting *Hopefully* about the hatching eggs that have arrived, and the progress of them in my brand new incubator!

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