Thursday, December 29, 2011

Internet down!

So for the last two days we have been without internet, well that's all fine and all but how on earth was I supposed to tell anyone about the exciting news this morning :(
Well, lucky me, the internet came back on! Yay!
Today in the mail not only arrived a clutch of hatching eggs, but a candler!
A high powered LCD (I think anyway...) light that can easily shine threw dark colored egg shells!
Well...silly me could not figure out how it worked...
I pressed the button and looked directly into the little black hole...VWOOSH!!!
Talk about painful and blinding!
Im still seeing spots!!!
I currently have two Rod-island reds, one austrolorp, one naked neck, one big cochin, one show girl, and one Roopert nugget egg in the egg incubator! 
Im currently trying to get the machine to turn the eggs automatically however its not working so well. Every 45 minuets im rushing down the stairs and watching the silly little thing turn just to make sure its actually turning Lol.

*Hmm...the font seems to be challenging me!*

Also, for the record...
45 mile per hour winds=Falling over hens. 
All of my birds keep getting knocked over!!
And when Poor Silver wnet airborn when she came out of the coop yesterday the wind caught under her wings and sent her shooting up into the sky!
Making me run around like a fool while I tried to catch her...Silver is a bit flighty so she was NOT amused...

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