Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crow games.

I personally LOVE the crows that come and visit the backyard. I have watched them chase off hawks that have been circling my hens and I have sent off major alarm calls when predators are in the area.
So far they have been fantastic for my birds, and so worth loosing a few berry's and veggies from the garden.
Today however, was the cutest example of crow intelligence!
They were playing with my chickens! :D
They would swoop down and land a few feet from my rooster Roopert, and then of course Roopert would chase them.
The crows would then swoop up into the air and land by my hens.
My hens would then chase them, and back up into the air they went Lol
Oh god I watched them do this for a good hour until my hens figured out they were just playing XD
It was to cute!

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