Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Frosts Broody upset...

She is trying so desperately to be broody and keep her little egg every time she lays it. Well today i was going to let her keep it until she got up to drink and then swap it out with a little glass egg I have. 
My little brother on the other hand...decided to help...and needless to say she was not happy when her egg was removed.
She was so up set that I could hear her all the way up in my room, squawking and screaming and flapping her wings at anyone who went near her.
So i went down and picked up my poor little Frost and asked her, with my little brother looking right over my shoulder at her "Did he take your egg?" 
I swear to god she looked at him with a stink eye and then back at me and bawked something that sounded like a "Uh-haw" as if she was saying yes. Then out of humor I sat her on my arm *no joke* and pointed her at him. I asked then "Do you want to hurt him?" 
With a huge stink eye she then did the same noise and flapped at him indignantly Lol.
I absolutely love my hens sometimes XD