Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh no Nugget!!!

My Nugget baby is completely blind now :(

Both of her eyes are non functional now. She can blink, and move about, but my poor baby is 95% blind.
She can see shadows and quick movement, but that's about it my poor girl :(

Baby update!

You all remember my group of hatchlings, the Naked neck, the RIR, the Roopert/Nugget baby, the Jersey giant, and my Silkie?
Well, it turns out that they are all girls, except for my RIR! And possibly my Silkie we wont ever know until it crows or lays and egg.
Today the poultry tester came out and tested my flock so I can finally show my Show hen Winter. While he was here he sexed my five and told me exactly what gender they were :D
It turns out you can tell by the feathering! If they grow pointed there a male. If there rounded there a female :D
All girls!! Yay!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sarge's garden update...

Well Sarge has finally gotten his seeds ordered, hes like a little kid in a candy store when hes planing his garden, its so cute!
He also has his work cut out for him this year with quite a few things: 1. he plans on expanding the strawberry patch a little, and due to my hens he has to replace quite a few plants >_> *cough* they ate them *cough* 2. he will have three gardens, one at the house, one in the town community garden, and the other will be in the other side of our yard. He plans on expanding the gravel pit ^^ and then 3...He has a brand new puppy!
A red and white Siberian husky girl. Haha yeah he has a lot of work this summer!

Oh, I almost forgot, he had a good spring haul. He went down to his garden and dug up a bunch of over wintered parsnips and carrots, and now we have a fridge full! 

A lot has happened...Time to catch up!

Wow, sorry for the lack of updates! Trying to plan a wedding and run around with work has been murder, yuck!
Well, bad news: I have lost two birds due to the mystery illness, Lady puff:
And my baby Barbie:

 I am very upset by this, the illness that has stuck my flock even has my vets baffled. (Yes I brought the chicken to a vet) they have been buried in the garden under the apple tree.
On to better news the chicks are doing well.
It would seem as though my Roopert Nugget baby might be a girl. My Black Austrolorp is actually a Jersey Giant and appears to be a girl. The RIR, is a boy T_T, the naked neck is a girl, and my Silkie is not show quality but is the cutest little bugger ever! And she has a home if she is a girl :D
Also, my order from Ideal poultry arrived.
Mental note...PLAN AHEAD! Dont over due, always always only get what you have room to raise!
OMG, I ordered 12 birds, only to find out that the min order was 25, so they added chicks to my order. 25 of the buggers plus my hatchlings PLUS my birthday present and the egg my broody hatched out, is now in the basement.
OMG never again...
But they are really cute, there is no denying that.
Alot of work also, never again will I have this many at one time *faints*