Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sarge's garden update...

Well Sarge has finally gotten his seeds ordered, hes like a little kid in a candy store when hes planing his garden, its so cute!
He also has his work cut out for him this year with quite a few things: 1. he plans on expanding the strawberry patch a little, and due to my hens he has to replace quite a few plants >_> *cough* they ate them *cough* 2. he will have three gardens, one at the house, one in the town community garden, and the other will be in the other side of our yard. He plans on expanding the gravel pit ^^ and then 3...He has a brand new puppy!
A red and white Siberian husky girl. Haha yeah he has a lot of work this summer!

Oh, I almost forgot, he had a good spring haul. He went down to his garden and dug up a bunch of over wintered parsnips and carrots, and now we have a fridge full! 

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