Monday, April 30, 2012

The Duke is missing!!

:( My Poor Mr. Duke is missing! He got out of the Bantam run and is now crowing in the woods :(
Im going to try and live trap the little bugger!!
;_; Please keep your fingers crossed that I catch him!

This is Duke:

Monday, April 23, 2012


Sorry for the delay in posts everyone! So far in the past few abnormally warm Months quite a few things have happened.
All the babys are out in the coop, we now have two ducks, Sarges garden has been expanded, tomatoes and peppers have been started, we have two new roosters, and we has a possum scare!!

The ducks! Tattle and Tale.

Alien and JJ

A close up on Alien and all her ugly cuteness!

Precious and Alien 

The RIR baby Mr. Rudy

The new rooster Mr. Duke!

Sarges baby puppy has gotten so big. 
Anyway, we had a possum and it has been wandering around our fence line. Thankfully the Barn cat and the  dogs protected the flock, but esh...I am really worrying about predators, all it takes is one raccoon and were done @_@

Hopefully I can keep everyone updated like before, I have been lapsing Sorry!! 
However with Sarges garden and the hens being adorable as always from now on cross your fingers that ill have stuff to talk about!
Ill post soon!