Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So, you all remember the broody's right?
Here's Missy, *For some reason shes sideways*

                     And here is her fuzzy little baby!
Its a Roopert Bug cross, which makes it a pure Buff Orphington! If shes a girl I might just keep her ^^ But after Roopert...Ill explain in a separate post what happened with him.
Here is Partridge! 
                           Every single one of her eggs are hatching!

Here is Flakes, my Frizzle:

And her baby's! These are a Mr. Bo-Bo surprise! I dont know who's eggs came from who so this is exciting!  And we have a Roopert Silver egg :D The other two are pipped!

As a side note, Broody poop is really really gross...Ill be cleaning there box's as soon as all of the baby's are dry. The big bits are all gone *ewww* but the tiny bits are still hanging around.
Downside of hatching: Broody pooh...


  1. SO CUTE!!!!
    Do you have your nest boxes raised up off the ground? Or did you move the broodies down on to floor level? I'm just wondering because I'm not sure the best way to do it yet...

    1. My nesting box's are built into the coop at floor level, they have a lip in front of there box's to step on first before they go into there nest.