Thursday, May 31, 2012

Down side to letting mom's raise there baby's...

They make rookie mistakes...
This is the little black baby that was under Flakes the Frizzle. I am afraid she, or one of the other hens, might not have known what the little hatchling was at first and so attacked it.
This poor fella was skinned down its side, though thankfully its muscle and tissue is all still intact.
I called the vet *Dont laugh, but yes I have a poultry vet* who said that the chick should be fine as long as I put a special cream on it every day and make sure its eating and drinking.
I have taught it successfully how to eat and drink so I think we are good.
The other upside is that the baby is VERY active and healthy. The vet thinks that with a bit of T.L.C. it should make a speedy recovery and regrow all of its skin.

As for the other chicks, I have made the decision to leave them with there moms, and thankfully so far nothing else bad has happened. The moms has wised up, and they have become 10 times more protective then ever.
I also have three newly hatched chick under Partidge, and the last two eggs have pipped and are soon to hatch! Hopefully by the time I get home! :D

Please keep your fingers crossed that everyone stays alive T_T

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