Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Excellent news!

The Duke has been found!!!
I was able to sneak up on him and catch him at nightfall the little bugger!
Now he is happily breeding his lady Frost (The show girl)
However, the down side of raising chickens has struck...Dealing with Broodys...
Say hello to Flakes,


And Partridge. 

From the looks of things, im going to have to let them hatch out eggs and be moms. To bad I dont have any purbreds to give them. Oh well, Roopert, Mr. Bo-Bo, and thr Duke get to be daddys! :D


  1. Cute!! Broodies are a pain in the butt they just are so fluffy lol

    1. I love how they puff up and growl, its so cute!!