Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The fall of mighty king Roopert...

Well...The mighty king Roopert has fallen. As it sometimes happens I guess, Roopert turned mean. Not towards me, but towards his own girls. He chased them down to breed them every chance he got, drew blood during breeding, and killed one of our meat birds...
Sadly he had to be placed in a different flock and removed from ours, the theory being that he just needed more hens. If it does not work they will stew pot him, hopefully Mr. Roopert will relax.

He has been replaced by Mr. B.B. *Mr. Beautiful Buddy* 

And my Mr. Rudy:
Who I hatched in January. 

So far everyone seems to be doing fine, pecking order is settling itself out, and so far the girls are happy again. Mr. B.B is very polite to his ladies. Mr. Rudy is still growing up, hasn't even started crowing yet!
But thats ok, im sure the neighbors are happy about that haha.

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