Friday, June 29, 2012

What can go wrong, will go wrong....

So, my birds seem determined to die.
V'v got vent gleat, but I caught it to late and so the vet could not help her...
Then Mr. Rudy was rude and attacked alien for no blasted reason...Alien now has a torn crop and front so her food comes out...
I super-glued it back together and shes on a limited diet so her crop wont bust back open.
Rudy was put down immediately after that, little jerk...Attacking me is something I can tolerate to a point, but going after one of the HENS???? No way...
So now we are just waiting to see if Alien makes it :(
Keep your fingers crossed for me please.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I wana cry T_T

All of my babys are now 99% gone...
All that is left is Mr. B, Alien, Bug, Izzy, V'v, Meaty, Mr. Bo-Bo, Partridge, Flakes, Frost, Little S, Skitz, Greybeard, OMG, and then Mr. Rudy who wont be staying which is why I said 99%.

I did not have the heart to part with my little Alien...And then my mother brought home Greybeard and vaccinated her right away, Meaty is...a long story, and of course I had to keep my little Survivor.
I kept Izzy as well as V'v because I did not want Mr. B to over bread her.
Bug's comb is turning blue though...which means my sweet little bug might have to be put down also, please keep your fingers crossed that she does not become symptomatic T_T

Goats and chicken runs

No we dont have the goats yet, but we are getting ready!!!
The fence on one side is up, and...
The goat house has arrived! ^^ Woot!
Even Mr. B is excited!

However...Since the goat fence is up against the bantam coop run, I had to completely modify the coop run.
The crate is still there, im being lazy >.> But it did end up saving one of the chicks from a crow. So hey! Laziness is not always a bad thing.
I also added a few CD's to help deter hawks since part of the run is now covered. I also put a cinder-block in there since the three bantams I am keeping are the same size as the holes. They can peck at it and hide in it if they want. The inside is lined with brick, with a chicken wire and hardwire cloth to prevent diggers. I also plan on running an electric shock wire across the top of it ^^  
The wire on the ground you see is the rest of the goat fence that will be put up by the end of this week :D
Look at my Mr. Rudy! Hes so handsome and grown up TwT

And Sarge went nuts with the Scythe again.Most of the stream is now complete, and he is just so thrilled to have a new toy to destroy things with Lol.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The mighty Ohiki

So Sarge bought me Ohiki eggs, a rare little bird that only a few people breed in the states.
1 dozen of them, and now I have them all crammed in the incubator.
Once they are hatched, we are going to get show quality Buff Orpington eggs and a silver and gold laced wyandotte for my mother.
Sarge wants his ducks back, so were going to have to raise two of those also. Not sure what breed we are going to get, but I do miss them also...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Nugget has a new home.

Those of you who follow my blog know who Nugget is, Those of you who dont; Nugget is my blind golden laced Wandotte.

My first hen who I loved very much. After the MG scare however I was terrified about giving nugget away to just anyone :( most people would stew pot a blind hen.
Thankfully a wonderful young lady agreed to take her in, someone who has experience with blind/handicapped hens and will give little Mrs. Nugget a wonderful home.
They are: AnimalsComeFirst

She is now best friends with her Grill Lol. I am very very happy that Nugget *Now named Abigail* has such a wonderfully attentive and loving home.

Sarges new toys!

So the other day my mother and I went to the tractor supply because...Were getting goats!
Two girls and one boy. Were just setting up the fencing and removing all toxic plants before we pick them and up and bring them home.
Once we do, I will post about that ^^
Now! We went to the Tractor supply and we bought him a Scythe

Well Sarge was a typical man and went crazy with it hehe.
Now from the pictures its hard to see what he did, but he attacked the stream in the front yard with it. He attacked the ground the first few times...But after a while he got the hang of it and made himself a nice little bare patch along the stream.

Followed of course by his mess, which I of course was the one to clean up and neatly pile up for him to pick up lol.

This is a better picture of the "damage". Danny our barn cat loved it! He got to hunt the frogs in it and for him that was a special treat. Sarge had to take a break and nurse his battle wound *A little popped blister*  Poor Sarge.

After that he went to work on his gardens which are looking amazing!
I took this right in the middle of his project. He replanted all of the tomatoes and added wooden stakes. It actually looks beautiful completed. There are mostly Tomatoes in this side with a few cucumber vines. He also added a wire mesh for the Cuc's to climb up.

And the other side of the garden is full of lettuce, Garlic, onion, a mint bush that we cant seem to kill, basil, Pepper plants, and Soybeans.
Its looking very good this year for him. I really hope that he is able to keep up with it all.

Even the herb garden is looking good after the chicken onslaught. Everything is regrowing nicely, even the mint and the Sage. The chives, feverfew, yarrow, lemon-balm, and Oregano is blooming like crazy! Though sadly the rosemerry never came back, and a few of my tea herbs didnt come back either :/ Oh well! I have seeds, I will just have to replant.

As Promised, here is a picture of the unused section of the gravel-pit that Sarge will be digging out and filling in with compost and top soil. Dont mind the crate, thats just there for the smaller chicks to escape into should the adults attack them. that most of the chicks are gone I have to bring it up. *sigh*

This is Sarges blueberry patch, we have to find a way to keep the hens and crows away from it...They keep eating them on us!!!

The Elder Berry tree that we plan on moving.

And Sarges little Grape vines and covered Honey Berry Bushes. This is his next weeding project.

And last but not least, the root bound Mullberry Tree we "rescued" from the pot it was trapped in. Its still weak, but seems to have wintered over very well. We just hope that it keeps growing and wont go downhill this coming winter.

I promise I will take pictures of the community garden he is growing in, once its weeded...Sarge wont let me take any pictures when its unweeded Lol.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Downhill fast...

So...It would seem that Chicken owning has its horrible down hill moments...
I always expected a predator to be what took all of my chickens from me one day...
I never thought it would be my own hands that brought there demise.
My flock is sick from a natural and common disease in poultry called MG.
It is a horrible thing that kills off young birds, leaves adults stunted, lowers egg production, raises feed intake, and causes horrible horrible swelling of the face along with nasal discharge.

I have chosen to get rid of every bird in my flock apart from the few that are listed:
Mr. B                                                                  
 Mr. Bo-bo
 My V'v
 And my survivor...The baby who was skinned.

This has got to be the hardest thing I have ever done... Symptomatic birds have to be culled *put to sleep* and those that are non symptomatic can be placed in backyard flocks.
I verified this with the animal inspector.
Salt, all eight of my Roopert Babys, and Missy will have to be culled...
The others are in the process of being placed in flocks with people who know what the Mg is and realize that the birds im placing are carriers.
Nugget thankfully is negative, so now its just a matter of finding a good home for her :( I got her vaccinated after she tested negative, I just hope I can find someone who wont stew pot her because shes blind!!!
The ones that are staying will need to be vaccinated. Then from this point on I can only hatch eggs from verified MG free flocks. No more taking in birds, no more buying hatchlings...
No more rescues!
...I never want to have to go threw this ever again, but if I want to have a healthy and active flock I must do what is best for them and future birds...
The hard lesson of owning chickens.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Good news!

The little baby who was skinned is healing up nicely.
It thinks im mom so it keeps calling for me the poor little thing. Its skin seems to be healing, and its eating and drinking like a little horse!
Keep your fingers crossed that the little guy keeps moving forward and does not fall back :(