Monday, June 11, 2012

Downhill fast...

So...It would seem that Chicken owning has its horrible down hill moments...
I always expected a predator to be what took all of my chickens from me one day...
I never thought it would be my own hands that brought there demise.
My flock is sick from a natural and common disease in poultry called MG.
It is a horrible thing that kills off young birds, leaves adults stunted, lowers egg production, raises feed intake, and causes horrible horrible swelling of the face along with nasal discharge.

I have chosen to get rid of every bird in my flock apart from the few that are listed:
Mr. B                                                                  
 Mr. Bo-bo
 My V'v
 And my survivor...The baby who was skinned.

This has got to be the hardest thing I have ever done... Symptomatic birds have to be culled *put to sleep* and those that are non symptomatic can be placed in backyard flocks.
I verified this with the animal inspector.
Salt, all eight of my Roopert Babys, and Missy will have to be culled...
The others are in the process of being placed in flocks with people who know what the Mg is and realize that the birds im placing are carriers.
Nugget thankfully is negative, so now its just a matter of finding a good home for her :( I got her vaccinated after she tested negative, I just hope I can find someone who wont stew pot her because shes blind!!!
The ones that are staying will need to be vaccinated. Then from this point on I can only hatch eggs from verified MG free flocks. No more taking in birds, no more buying hatchlings...
No more rescues!
...I never want to have to go threw this ever again, but if I want to have a healthy and active flock I must do what is best for them and future birds...
The hard lesson of owning chickens.


  1. I am so sorry to read this :( Sending hugs xxx

    1. The whole thing sucks royally...But, at least no more birds will fall victim to it...
      I will have to start all over, and at least I know better from this point on...