Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Goats and chicken runs

No we dont have the goats yet, but we are getting ready!!!
The fence on one side is up, and...
The goat house has arrived! ^^ Woot!
Even Mr. B is excited!

However...Since the goat fence is up against the bantam coop run, I had to completely modify the coop run.
The crate is still there, im being lazy >.> But it did end up saving one of the chicks from a crow. So hey! Laziness is not always a bad thing.
I also added a few CD's to help deter hawks since part of the run is now covered. I also put a cinder-block in there since the three bantams I am keeping are the same size as the holes. They can peck at it and hide in it if they want. The inside is lined with brick, with a chicken wire and hardwire cloth to prevent diggers. I also plan on running an electric shock wire across the top of it ^^  
The wire on the ground you see is the rest of the goat fence that will be put up by the end of this week :D
Look at my Mr. Rudy! Hes so handsome and grown up TwT

And Sarge went nuts with the Scythe again.Most of the stream is now complete, and he is just so thrilled to have a new toy to destroy things with Lol.

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