Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I wana cry T_T

All of my babys are now 99% gone...
All that is left is Mr. B, Alien, Bug, Izzy, V'v, Meaty, Mr. Bo-Bo, Partridge, Flakes, Frost, Little S, Skitz, Greybeard, OMG, and then Mr. Rudy who wont be staying which is why I said 99%.

I did not have the heart to part with my little Alien...And then my mother brought home Greybeard and vaccinated her right away, Meaty is...a long story, and of course I had to keep my little Survivor.
I kept Izzy as well as V'v because I did not want Mr. B to over bread her.
Bug's comb is turning blue though...which means my sweet little bug might have to be put down also, please keep your fingers crossed that she does not become symptomatic T_T

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