Monday, July 30, 2012

Newest update!! BIG UPDATE!!!

Ugh...I have been so busy!! I am so so sorry for not updating anything for a while :(
So...The goats are settling in just fine. They are afraid of the dogs, and dont like to walk on there halter but apart from that they are doing just fine!
Look at them! There so sweet, I cant wait till they have babys and we get to start bottle feeding and milking the moma's ^^

Now, do you remember this little angel? Its Little S.!! The chick who was skinned by its mother!! Look how good she looks!

The Ohiki's have also grown. All six seem to be doing well and have been moved to outside ^^

Rin...My Angora cross rabbit...*sigh*  Kush seems to be frustrated that he cant breed her threw the wire of the double rabbit hutch. So he has taken to spraying the poor girl with Pee...So! Bath and brush time!!!



Drying and brushing...

AND DONE!! Poor girl is still stained a little, but at least she looks 100 times better then she did :D

Also, Sarge has created a mutant pepper! Threw his seed saving he has made a hybrid of a hot pepper and a sweet pepper!! It is pure white, and has a zingy tenderness for a flaver. He is very excited about it.

And here we have Sarge working on his newest project "Operation convert the back yard" Lol. He plans on making an over hang for the grapes to grow up and for us to walk under. Making it pretty and classy so my mother does not have a conniption. 

And done!!! I cant wait until he starts building. Its going to look beautiful :D

And Meaty. My meat bird who I just dont have the heart to eat because I named her. SHE LAID AN EGG!! And she walks around, eats grass, and acts like a normal bird.
See?? I absolutely love her.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Babys hatched!

They hatched a few days ago but I wanted to make sure that everyone survived before I posted and got all excited!

I also have a batch of Silver laced Red Wyandottes that I will be hatching out soon :D
Cross your fingers everything goes well!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For the love of hens and chicks...

This blog is quite accurate..."The drama of owning poultry for the first time"...grr....
Poor Meaty has Bumble Foot on both of her feat. What else can go wrong!!! X_X
Alien however has been successfully healed up and released back outside!! Yay!

Say hello to Seven!! She has a number seven on her side and is a LaMancha Nubian cross ^^

This is my love bug Mr. Chooch, AKA Choochy. He is so so sweet and I absolutely love him! He is also a LaMancha Nubian cross.

And, little Annie ^^ She is a pure LaMancha and the smallest of them. Such a dear though, she loves to come up and rub against me.

This bad boy is still my favorite!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Little Alien and the Ohikis

Excellent news!! My naked neck Alien is almost 100% better!!

She is still eating, and the scab is only the size of a penny now, where it used to be bigger then a half dollar! After her crop burst back open I changed her diet to bread and then cottage cheese thanks to a suggestion from one of you! 

See the scar tissue? Mr. Rudy was horrible, and sadly was immediately put down after this incident. Attacking me is ont thing, going after a bloody hen?? Hell no! Thats a bad rooster >:( and no way am I letting him reproduce after that!!

Also, my Ohikis are due to go into lock down tomorrow *Monday* I am so excited!!!

I will make sure to post when Alien is able to go back outside and when the Ohikis hatch!!
Thank you everyone who helped with Alien and wished her luck!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Good news for once :D

We have had our first real harvest.
We have harvested about 20 huge garlic bulbs from the ground, and that is not even half of the garlic :D
We also have a cucumber.
There were 6 of them but I ate them... >.> Yes Sarge was upset with me...
But he is very happy how well everything is turning out.

Also, the Ohiki eggs...So far I have lost 5 out of 14, which is not to to bad. Just keep your fingers crossed that the rest hatch!!!

As for Alien.
Her crop broke back open, so now she is eating nothing but bread, and I have super-glued her back together. She is still active and scratching and looking for food, so I am really hoping that she pulls threw.
Keep your fingers crossed for her!!