Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For the love of hens and chicks...

This blog is quite accurate..."The drama of owning poultry for the first time"...grr....
Poor Meaty has Bumble Foot on both of her feat. What else can go wrong!!! X_X
Alien however has been successfully healed up and released back outside!! Yay!

Say hello to Seven!! She has a number seven on her side and is a LaMancha Nubian cross ^^

This is my love bug Mr. Chooch, AKA Choochy. He is so so sweet and I absolutely love him! He is also a LaMancha Nubian cross.

And, little Annie ^^ She is a pure LaMancha and the smallest of them. Such a dear though, she loves to come up and rub against me.

This bad boy is still my favorite!!!

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