Sunday, July 1, 2012

Good news for once :D

We have had our first real harvest.
We have harvested about 20 huge garlic bulbs from the ground, and that is not even half of the garlic :D
We also have a cucumber.
There were 6 of them but I ate them... >.> Yes Sarge was upset with me...
But he is very happy how well everything is turning out.

Also, the Ohiki eggs...So far I have lost 5 out of 14, which is not to to bad. Just keep your fingers crossed that the rest hatch!!!

As for Alien.
Her crop broke back open, so now she is eating nothing but bread, and I have super-glued her back together. She is still active and scratching and looking for food, so I am really hoping that she pulls threw.
Keep your fingers crossed for her!!


  1. Try feeding cottage cheese instead. Bread might expand in her crop.

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I did read your post and I got the big curd cottage cheese and it worked like a dream!!
      I am about to make another post about Alien but I just wanted to say thank you!