Sunday, July 8, 2012

Little Alien and the Ohikis

Excellent news!! My naked neck Alien is almost 100% better!!

She is still eating, and the scab is only the size of a penny now, where it used to be bigger then a half dollar! After her crop burst back open I changed her diet to bread and then cottage cheese thanks to a suggestion from one of you! 

See the scar tissue? Mr. Rudy was horrible, and sadly was immediately put down after this incident. Attacking me is ont thing, going after a bloody hen?? Hell no! Thats a bad rooster >:( and no way am I letting him reproduce after that!!

Also, my Ohikis are due to go into lock down tomorrow *Monday* I am so excited!!!

I will make sure to post when Alien is able to go back outside and when the Ohikis hatch!!
Thank you everyone who helped with Alien and wished her luck!!

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