Monday, August 6, 2012

Insight on the Ohiki...

A true bantam, and a rather unusual bird, they were originally brought over from Japan. They started off rather weak, and were actually allergic to corn. So far those who have this two pound wonder have bred it out of them. However sometimes a chick is hatched sensitive to it.
As you can see one of them is unhappy :( This little fella quite possibly may be sensitive to corn, and so as a precaution I have put it on seafood wet cat food. Hopefully it will be enough to help the little guy get stronger.

As you can compare the others look amazing, up, and alert while the first is droopy and looks miserable :( 

Its amazing how some are still affected by this, while the others are not.
Also, my only two Blue laced Red wyandotte eggs have hatched!! :) There adorable!! Once they are strong enough I will take pictures and post them!

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