Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Silver laced blue wyandottes and Ohikis

So the two babys who hatched are acting very roo'sh...
Oh but I love them.

And the Ohiki's seem to be half and half. Three boys and three girls.

The very last one is the one with the corn allergy. Its still a bit sensitive, but since I mixed there regular food with fish cat food they have all perked up and seem to be doing much better!
I really hope it stays half and half and they all dont end up roos on me, that would be depressing. 

Mr. B is also doing a great job as the new head flock rooster. Izzy is also his new favorite. Ugh...I miss my babys, but at least I know those who were not culled are living a very happy life on there new farm. Especially Nugget! Or, im sorry Abby hehe 

Alien is also doing excellent and is the head of everyone. Bug's feathers are growing back in  beautifully as well. Though she is not happy that she is now at the bottom of the food chain and no longer the head hen. Poor old girl.

And...Guess whos molting!! Yup, thats right, Mr. B is loosing his tail feathers faster then I loose my keys. Thats ok though, we all know hes still beautiful. 

The two bard rocks are also settling in well. I am holding out hope that they are immune to the Mg virus since they were raised inside during the fiasco, and I vaccinated them as soon as I realized it was there. They seem to be pretty healthy so far so hopefully they will continue to do well.

MEATY IS LAYING ME EGGS!!! She lays them under the coop but thats ok. Shes wandering around like a champ now, and even chased after the cat hehe. I am very glad she is doing well and not suffering, I know she wont live as long as the other birds, but at least she gets to enjoy life. 


  1. What lovely chickens you have! A great variety, love them :D

  2. Mr. B is so gorgeous! It's so funny when those boys shed their long tail feathers and they look sort of rumpless. Lol.
    I'm glad that you're still keeping on with chickens even though they had MG. It's so easy to give up and get rid of them, so kudos to you for staying strong.

  3. I have actually figured out a method, thanks to some poultry friends, that will allow me to continue to raise birds and show them!
    I have to stick to NPIP tested flocks and get only hatching eggs. I then dip the hatching eggs in a tylan solution and then vaccinate the birds at a week old, then again at six weeks to prevent the MG from infecting new birds. This way hopefully I will have strong healthy birds who I can show and breed! I am determined! >:)

    And yes, Mr. B looks like an arucona at the moment. His bum is gone the poor thing. and now he has been ignored by the hens. I think they miss his tail!