Friday, September 21, 2012


Well, I learned the hard way with the hens, so I am going to take precaution with the goats. No one is allowed near them without dipping there does in a disinfectant. 

There hutch now has a door, and there hay rack will be put up as soon as we can find either a cordless drill or an extension cord long enough to reach them.

Ella is obsessed with the sweet feed, she LOVES to follow me to the pen and just wait for some of the feed to be spilled, just a single pellet and she will dive for it.
I really cant wait for milk and be able to raise the babys, make cheese, yogurt and all sorts of stuff!

I am really interested in how Seven's babys will turn out and whether or not she has twins.

Annie on the other hand I am a bit concerned about, the vet says that she should be fine for birthing since her breed is supposed to be smaller, but I am still going to be watching her like a hawk.

They have also stopped screaming at me, though they have learned to bite which we are working on. They think that we always have treats for them, so when we hold out our hands they always look and lick and nibble lol.

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