Friday, September 21, 2012

Sad and yet good news.

I lost my little Tod :( My poor little baby...
At least I have his brother Copper, and the little hen I saved named little S. (The chick who was skinned)
Copper is looking so pretty...But...
So is Mr. Peter...The bird in the very middle who disguised himself as a hen for a while. Today he decided to crow for me...I cant keep all the roosters T_T

And then the Blue laced red wyandotte's I hatched out seem to be thriving, except look who turned into a boy! Yup, that's right...The egg I dropped and helped hatch, the fluffyist of them all, is a boy! Who perch's on my shoulder and preens my hair...*sigh* Mr. B had better get along with him.

And yay! A hen. The 50-50 chance finally payed off!! Though she is a flighty little bugger...

Then here are the Ohiki's. My favorite little hen named Ginger * Ironically shes a ginger Ohiki*

There all doing very well! There coop arrived the other day and is all nice and set up, however I am having a hard time locating chain-link fence for there pen :/ I really hope I can find some before snow hits, because I would love to get them outside.

Then poor Master Pippin... I am not sure what his fate holds, and hopefully he will get better, but so far hes not walking still :(

My big flock is doing great also, I lost a bard rock to Merrick's, so all I have left is my Meaty bird *Meaty* Mr. B *Who is molting and looks horrible* Izzy, Alien, Bug *Who got stung in the face by bee's* and Ella the bard rock.

Also look who is looking awesome! The bird who I thought was a rooster, turned out to be a hen. A very interesting silkieXcochin cross :D

My poor little S. *S stands for survivor* is not handling Tods death well :( Chickens do mourn, and she is starting to get thin. But i do have some good news to that, as it appears she has taken a liking to Copper and has been following him around.

All I can say is thank god my favorite hen out of everyone is still alive and well. Frost has survived, and will spend the winter outside for the first time. I hope she does alright.

Thats about it, I am still loosing birds every hatch but I guess with chickens that is to be expected due to how fragile they can be. Hopefully my new ways of cleaning, disinfecting, and strict vaccination and de-worming schedule will help me have a higher survival rate. 
Again, I reiterate. Anyone who says raising chickens is easy should be shot...

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