Sunday, October 28, 2012

For the love of all things adult.

I always assumed adults were just that, but in reality they can be just as bad as those I grew up with. Swallowing pride and gritting teeth is just in the laws of nature I guess, as is poultry owning.
Today was a big test. My Ohiki's are going threw something very weird, and I am not sure what it is? The vet thinks they hatched with what ever is, and that they all could potentially be sick with it. Should one pass away again I will have the bird looked at at the state lab so they can figure out whats wrong.

All day I felt like nothing; between my neighbor tormenting me almost every day about how hes organic his flock is perfect, a personal issue that crippled me to tears, and my Ohiki's, I have just been emotionally sapped of strength.
I almost gave up owning chickens today, when a dozen very wise people reminded me that people in general dont mater. One in particular reminded me, again, that I just need to say ^$&$@^& it to everyone and do what I love.
Well, I am going to do just that; and I actually pity those who wish to make others around them miserable :(
I will try for one more year, and if that does not work then i'll just have to start over again...I really hope it all works again as I dont want to have to cull anyone.

Also, we have been having a coyote issue with the goats! Blasted things...Were looking into getting an LGD dog (Livestock guardian dog) to help keep the evil things away. So far none of my hoofed baby's have been harmed, but we are not taking a chance.

Now for a happy picture:
A good friend of mine made a scarf for my little naked neck :) It took her a while to realize it was harmless, but once that happened she was off pecking away.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Flecks is gone

Well the little Ohiki that was sick, my little spotted Ohiki Flecks, passed away.
Thankfully though the rest of my flock seems to be doing well, so hopefully the worst is over and everyone will be fine from this point out.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Ohiki going down...

So, my little yellow legged Ohiki, the second best in the hatch besides Mr. Pippin, is sick...
The speckled one, second to last...
Hes fluffed, watery poop, and seems to be shutting down even though I have attempted to give him antibiotics and food...I have no idea what the hell is going on now, as this is the first time I have ever seen all of these symptoms at once...


Why does it seem my backyard is a drop off for every single poultry catchable virus!!! I have been careful, and sanitized everything and everyone who comes onto the property :(
Ugh...Hopefuly he makes it, but to be honest I dont really have hope for any of the Ohiki's anymore...They will most likely all end up dead on me...

Garden update

Well, so far the garden was a partial success.
We have bagged and blanched over twenty pounds of green beans and this year we have six butter nut squash, 15 pounds of onions, 49 bunches of garlic, and enough dried beans for two dinners.
However, our squash did not fare well, we lost our soybeans to a rabbit, our raspberry plants suffered a mold attack due to all of the rain...ugh.
Then the tomatoes got attacked by blight half way threw the season and so we lost them all to it. The fruit continued to grow, however the blight grew inside the tomato's and when you bit into them they looked fine but tasted like rotten, yuck!! Then the community garden, where we grew two plots, sadly did not work as well as we hoped :( The bugs were unbearable to the point that we were forced to use pesticides which we hate to do, then the weeds just kept coming and coming and coming...We got a few green-beans and   tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash out of it, but that was about it. Nothing to sell, and nothing to can :(
But, at least we have vegetables for the winter, and enough meals to hopefully last us long enough where we wont have to shop for a while :D
Next year we are going to have the gravel pit turned into a garden, and we will be able to rotate the tomatoes away from the blight areas so that they wont be effected! We will have to use deterrents on the community garden, and then since we took care of the rabbit we only have to deter the mole.
So cross your  fingers that everything will work out and that next year we will have a wicked harvest! :D

Monday, October 1, 2012

Good bye Mr. Pippin :(

I lost my little Pippin yesterday, poor guy simply gave up and stopped eating...
It must have been Merrick's and just an odd strain of it, hopefully I wont loose any other of his siblings.