Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New beginning on its way

Well, so far I have bleached every single coop, and limed the pens that the birds were kept in. I am now simply waiting the long wait until spring when I can get birds again. Hopefully this time everything will go smoothly, and no more birds will die.
I am hoping to pursue Orpingtons, EE's, LF cochins, Blue laced red wyandottes, a Naked neck, Black copper Marrans, Bantam cochins, Mille flur DUccles, my Ohiki's, maybe Sultans, Bantam Favoralls, Frizzles, and show girls.
Oh how I cant wait to start hatching and getting my flock back. I miss my birds so so much!

In the mean time, I have been occupying myself with my goats and two rabbits.
Rin and Kush are doing wonderfully outside for there first winter, and Danny *the barn cat*  though Rin is not thrilled about being brushed. She is quite determined to escape me every time she sees the brush come out hehe.

Little Annie dressed up for Christmas! :D She kept walking away with the hat and moving on me while I tried to take the picture, so I had to get my hubby to hold onto her lol

And of course our newest arrival, Nutmeg!
We have concluded that Nutmeg is a Kiko, Saanen cross. Though were not to sure how she will be when my does have there kids, but we shall see! 
She is a wonderful doe, and so far my male just thinks she is the sexyist thing on the face of the planet.

Oh!! I almost forgot, due to the massive increase in Coyotes, we have decided to invest in a LGD (Live Stock Guardian dog) which will be a Great Pyrenees. We cant get two right now if we want to get more chickens, so instead we will be getting one LGD, and then another down the road if the coyotes persist. 
So, thats about it for the moment!
Ill keep you all updated come spring!