Thursday, January 31, 2013

Say Hello to Rose!

Say hello to our newest meber of the herd, Rose!

She is ten months old, and the sweet little thing is now apart of our Blue-Moon-N-farm.
Love her already!! :D

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holy Sheep

Well it looks like I am picking up a lamb a few months earlier then we expected.
We were going to wait until either April or May or even next year, exceptr with the new puppys...Well...lets just say that not everyone in ,my family is able to grasp what an LDG is and why the puppys live with the goats.
So, they have decided to pool together and get me a Shetland ewe lamb! So that the pups wont be cold...Well I wont complain, but I will certainly laugh about it!
So, when I pick up the ewe on Thursday, I will make sure to post pictures for you guys.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Puppys and duck eggs!

Woot! Just picked up the LGD's yesterday and got them settled in. They are flipping adorable.
And there temperaments are to die for. And yes they live outside. As an ACO and a pet owner this is a very VERY new concept for me. However this is what the breed has been bred for generations to do, and they were born and raised with parents who actively preform the duties of a Live stock guardian dog. These pups were born in the barn, handled daily by the breeder, and raised with the goats as a Live stock guardian dog should. They are very much loved, not abused or neglected, and will be allowed to come inside when ever they desire. If you want more info on an LGD, here you go:
Meet Marmoona *AKA Mara* up front, and Trinity, *AKA Trin* behind her.

the goats have NO clue what to think of the pups lol

Last night they chilled in my empty chicken coop. And OMG did that thing get and stay warm!! I have one hell of a good chicken coop!

Trinity and Mara are the sweetest things. They prefer to curl with the goats, but I do try and get them to curl up with me when im out there hehe

this is my watcher. She is going to be the type of dog who sits back and just watches.

And this is going to be my patroler. The type of dog who patrols the borders of the yard and making sure the coyotes dont come near. 
There personalitys and temperaments are giving away these little tid-bits of info   ^^

For now though they are happy being adorable, and as they grow I cant wait to see them interact with everything and everyone :D

And, this Wednesday Adams duck eggs will be here and in the incubator! :D Anacona eggs, a rare breed that he fell in love with!
This is very exciting! ^^ 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Puppys, barns and duck OH MY!

Well so far it seems the Cha-ching fairy has hit us X_X we had been preparing for a while to get a barn built to help protect the goats and soon to be sheep from the coyotes, as well as the understanding that an LGD (Live stock guardian dog) would be necessary as well.
So, we are paying a small fortune as we were expecting, but at least the herd will be safe! I cant wait to post pictures of the barn! :D
Now as some of you know, training LGD's is pretty simple due to there instincts, but the hardest part is resisting the fluffy sweet ball of cuteness X_X
But, i shall prevail!
No clue what we are going to name her, but she is going to be awesome! The parents were so sweet.
And now, Adam is getting his ducks again.
he has gone out of his way to find his breed, and hatching eggs so he can hatch them out :D Hopefully we will get mostly girls and only a few boys rather then the other way around.
I cant wait to be posting pictures!!