Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Puppys, barns and duck OH MY!

Well so far it seems the Cha-ching fairy has hit us X_X we had been preparing for a while to get a barn built to help protect the goats and soon to be sheep from the coyotes, as well as the understanding that an LGD (Live stock guardian dog) would be necessary as well.
So, we are paying a small fortune as we were expecting, but at least the herd will be safe! I cant wait to post pictures of the barn! :D
Now as some of you know, training LGD's is pretty simple due to there instincts, but the hardest part is resisting the fluffy sweet ball of cuteness X_X
But, i shall prevail!
No clue what we are going to name her, but she is going to be awesome! The parents were so sweet.
And now, Adam is getting his ducks again.
he has gone out of his way to find his breed, and hatching eggs so he can hatch them out :D Hopefully we will get mostly girls and only a few boys rather then the other way around.
I cant wait to be posting pictures!!

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