Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mist is no longer a ram.

He is a wether, and has been castrated.
The poor boy is hatting life right now, but thankfully now he might stay friendly and wont turn into a jerk.
If he stays friendly, he might just be able to stay! :D
So far he is doing well, and is not in pain due to the pain killer the vet gave him. So hopefully he will continue to remain well and healthy and wont have any issues!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Misty hello!

Say hello to Mr. Mist!

A friend for Rose until the other two lambs we are getting are born and old enough to be away from there mother.

Hes going to be a wether as soon as the vet comes over. Poor boy wont be enjoying that >_>

he is so cute though!! A nice blue, white and brown color along with Rose :D

And of course Rose is not sure she approves of this new guy...
Hehe, I cant wait to be able to put them outside! They are going to love it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gate malfunction...

So...Nutmeg decided she had personal issues with the gate, and...well...Look...
She made sure to rip it off its hinges and then wear it like a necklace...If it had not been chained to the post then she would have dragged it across the yard...
As soon as I spotted her this morning I rushed outside to free her, brought my camera as well because I knew for a fact that no one would believe me!
She was not pleased by our freeing her either....I have no clue how she got her head threw there, but getting it back out was very hard! I had to hang onto her hind legs and pull while Adam moved her head and tried his best to keep her calm. 
Nope..She wailed, bucked and kicked until she was able to get her own head unstuck. *roles eyes* At least she was able to walk away with dignity. 

Also, never trust a goat! They will eat your hair right off!!

And sadly...I messed up the humidity of the duck eggs...And so sadly only 6 out of 14 appear to be alive. I just hope right now that the little guys will all make it!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Shearing Rose!!

Hehe, Rose got a hair cut!!
I sheared my sheep all by myself.

Literally all by myself. And I did great for the first time! I want to get a pair of hand shears so i can hand shear should I need to I can. Her wool was unusable this round due to sheep lice, but thankfully there dead and long gone so next time there wont be any problems!!
I am very proud of myself right now :D

Saturday, February 9, 2013

We made it!!

Woot! We made it threw the storm with record snow fall since we have lived here! 18+ inches! Holy cow!
All the animals are good, the duck eggs are safe thank goodness, and we are still up and running!!
This coming Saturday we will be getting a second lamb, a wether for Rose for company, so that way she will have someone to stay with. We wont end up keeping him most likely, but we really should have picked up two when we were told to go get the lamb.
It will be a Jacobs,  so at least I will get my Jacobs baby!!
Ill update when we get the wether!
As you can see...the goats and coops are buried...

Poor Chooch finally pushed threw and made a path for the Live stock guardians to get out! Can you believe those little buggers didn't want to come inside during the blizzard  They are great LGD's! They want to be with there goats, and still be squishy and lovey.

The rabbits were not amused... 

Adam helped unbury the babys, and they are all now demanding a barn...we will be looking into it for this fall or next spring.

Poor guys are not happy with the snow, though the pups are thrilled about Seven abandoning her food bucket haha

And here Rose is just happy shes inside and not outside!! For like the first time haha

Thursday, February 7, 2013

May be loosing power...

With the ever approaching snow storm that's about to hit Massachusetts, we have done everything we can to prepare. For us? No...the animals, and my poor defenseless duck eggs!!
We have a generator that will be able to run a space heater and the two incubators. With the propain on the grill I will be able to boil water and heat it up for my poor goats who hate cold water...
The space heater should help keep the dogs warm, and worst case we have there sweaters, and this way we can de-thaw any frozen water buckets.
Just cross your fingers that we dont loose power!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Home made hutch!

Alright, well a recheck of the duck eggs has shown 10 maybe 11 eggs fertile and growing on day 4 :D Woot! Not bad for shipped eggs!!
And, I needed another temporary hutch for the pups and lamb until we get the barn next year.
I recycled! I made a hutch all by myself, and it is rather sturdy and warm :D I am very proud. And of course the farm name is on it, "BlueMoon-N-Farms" along with our farms mark ^^ which is...well, on everything of mine. My book, my kennel, my business cards, my farm, you get the idea lol
The pups are growing up very nicely. And we even tried to see if they would be willing to come inside. Nope!! They wanted no part of it lol

They preferred there hay pile and goats.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The duck eggs are fertile!

Ten maybe 11 out of 14 eggs are fertile and growing!!
Woot!! Talk about an awesome number for shipped eggs, and especially during the cold season!
Adam is so proud!
Oh, and speaking of Adam, be bought me a sheep sheerer for my birthday! :D Now I have to figure out how to spoil him for his birthday >:(
Anyway, i cant wait for the eggs to hatch, this is the best hatch rate I have had since before the mg!!