Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gate malfunction...

So...Nutmeg decided she had personal issues with the gate, and...well...Look...
She made sure to rip it off its hinges and then wear it like a necklace...If it had not been chained to the post then she would have dragged it across the yard...
As soon as I spotted her this morning I rushed outside to free her, brought my camera as well because I knew for a fact that no one would believe me!
She was not pleased by our freeing her either....I have no clue how she got her head threw there, but getting it back out was very hard! I had to hang onto her hind legs and pull while Adam moved her head and tried his best to keep her calm. 
Nope..She wailed, bucked and kicked until she was able to get her own head unstuck. *roles eyes* At least she was able to walk away with dignity. 

Also, never trust a goat! They will eat your hair right off!!

And sadly...I messed up the humidity of the duck eggs...And so sadly only 6 out of 14 appear to be alive. I just hope right now that the little guys will all make it!

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