Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Home made hutch!

Alright, well a recheck of the duck eggs has shown 10 maybe 11 eggs fertile and growing on day 4 :D Woot! Not bad for shipped eggs!!
And, I needed another temporary hutch for the pups and lamb until we get the barn next year.
I recycled! I made a hutch all by myself, and it is rather sturdy and warm :D I am very proud. And of course the farm name is on it, "BlueMoon-N-Farms" along with our farms mark ^^ which is...well, on everything of mine. My book, my kennel, my business cards, my farm, you get the idea lol
The pups are growing up very nicely. And we even tried to see if they would be willing to come inside. Nope!! They wanted no part of it lol

They preferred there hay pile and goats.

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