Saturday, February 9, 2013

We made it!!

Woot! We made it threw the storm with record snow fall since we have lived here! 18+ inches! Holy cow!
All the animals are good, the duck eggs are safe thank goodness, and we are still up and running!!
This coming Saturday we will be getting a second lamb, a wether for Rose for company, so that way she will have someone to stay with. We wont end up keeping him most likely, but we really should have picked up two when we were told to go get the lamb.
It will be a Jacobs,  so at least I will get my Jacobs baby!!
Ill update when we get the wether!
As you can see...the goats and coops are buried...

Poor Chooch finally pushed threw and made a path for the Live stock guardians to get out! Can you believe those little buggers didn't want to come inside during the blizzard  They are great LGD's! They want to be with there goats, and still be squishy and lovey.

The rabbits were not amused... 

Adam helped unbury the babys, and they are all now demanding a barn...we will be looking into it for this fall or next spring.

Poor guys are not happy with the snow, though the pups are thrilled about Seven abandoning her food bucket haha

And here Rose is just happy shes inside and not outside!! For like the first time haha


  1. Yes I know this snowy feeling now too lol here in the East. Rose has that "what the heck happened look on here face. Ha Ha

    1. Haha, that's pretty accurate! The snow blower had to be turned on, and the doors kept opening. She was like.."Wth is going on? Is my quarantine over? Am I going outside, IN THAT??? No..."
      I love this sheep, shes awesome.
      The snow...I love it, but I wish it had been here back in Christmas!