Thursday, March 28, 2013

Facebook page!

Well, I made a facebook page so my friends on mine would stop complaining about the constant updates. Not a lot of farm people >_>
Anyway, for those of you who actively follow and may be interested in following on facebook as well, here is the link:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Romney, Jacobs, kids, and ducklings!!

Remember the post I made a while ago about my Romney lamb being born?
Well i went to see her!
And she is adorable!!! Huge, but adorable. 
And it would seem as though we are picking up our Jacobs ewe lamb after Easter! :D
As for Annie...
Shes still in the kidding pen, and there is still nothing...Shes pawing *as you can see by the tiny bare spot in front of her* shes off her hay, shes not eating as much grain as usually does and a lot more symptoms of pre labor!!!
However...nothing...Grrr, oh I have been up for days!!
And now...Ducklings!!

We think this is a girl,

This is a boy...Maybe...

Possibly a boy, then again sometimes sounds like a girl...

And my favorite little squishy, a girl for sure!!
They are so much bigger then this as these pictures are a week old, but omg I am not used to them growing so fast!! They have already out grown the hutch I moved them to, there no longer inside. I honestly have no clue what im going to do with them. I am going to have to build a bigger pen!

And as for Adam, my hubby who loves his garden...he has gone over board...
he has bought 150$ worth of seeds...he is also going to finally attack the gravel pit and turn it into a vegie garden. He also bought himself a unique little indoor plant. Its a orange/lime bush that only grows a little bit :D
And it produces! I cant wait to make a pie with it.  

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spurs and hackles

Well, I just found out that one of my friends is actually the president of one of the biggest poultry shows in New England, and like I was once told, if your going to do something then you do it right.
So, i have the names of the top winning poultry breeders, and so far the ones I have heard back from will be sending me hatching eggs, and have also offered me older birds.
Its a great offer, but Ill stick with the hatching eggs just to be safe...
Americana's, Orpingtons, Bantam Favorolls, and Blue laced red wyandottes, :D
I just need to get my pet flock back together so I can have my babys back...
Calico cochins, show girls, and and my little ohikis!!! Ugh I miss them...

So, well it looks like I will be ignoring my non farm friends, and just moving forward. Its tough to know that people older then yourself act like there younger, but...Alas this is life I suppose. Once again, as always i have to move on.
Just like I did with my stalker, and high-schools, and elementary school.
So! Spurs and hackles time!! Ill make sure to post pictures of my hatch, I will be getting the eggs in on Wednesday.

Monday, March 18, 2013

To get chickens, or not to get chickens...

First and foremost i am so afraid of loosing my birds again its not even funny. I just want to raise healthy animals that I can breed, raise, and possibly show...
And there in-lies the second problem, the more emotionally straining and exhausting part, the people...
There is this group that I used to be highly proud to be in, I was included, and for once in my life I wasn't viewed as weird or an outcast, or belittled because I loved my chickens and the life of farming. Me, I was included, I was giving advice and helping people, I was actually included and learning, sharing, and having fun; but, as of late I feel anything but included there.
So far, this has happened with almost everyone. My organic neighbors claiming that there way was best and my way was killing the birds. *I did actually get an apology from them though!* from the gentlemen I met at my first poultry show who actually accused me of poisoning my own animals because "Birds don't get that sick so fast" and the people from Back yard chicken who simply stopped talking to me because "i wasn't listening to there advice" when I did everything I could including spending a fortune on vet and lab tests, and vaccination...I could keep on going, but for fear of angering people I wont...
People who I thought were my friends, turned on me...over poultry...
I cant even show face in said poultry group anymore for fear of whats been said and whats been done...Not to mention I have nothing to share, and probably wont ever again...I just wanted some friends who share my love...And now ill probably never be able to go to a show, speak to who i thought were my friends, or post in the group again.
I told Adam I was done, *my husband* with poultry because of the people, and so far hes refusing to let me...Hes threatening to bring home random eggs and stick them in the incubator and keep killing them until I step in...*knowing that I wouldn't a) let him screw up a hatch, and b) be able to leave eggs in an incubator alone*
Even the people who were helping me, im having a hard time trusting them and believing them after everything...
I think they honestly just want to help, but then so did the others and they hurt me, so im torn.
I honestly, just don't know if I can physically keep doing this.
Chicken keeping, a true world of drama, distrust, hatred, manipulation and verbal attacks...
So now, to get chickens...and just don't talk to anyone and stick with the laughs, head shakes, and eye roles from the non poultry people in my life, or be prepared to never trust anyone in the poultry world ever again, be prepared to always get the short end of the stick, and be prepared to be yelled at, blamed and walked on...
Or, to not get chickens, and simply avoid everything, by removing ones self from the equation...

Depressing banter is depressing, im sorry, but this is the one place I can at least write down my feelings without being yelled at, or labeled a drama queen... because hardly anyone actually reads what i write. ...Wow, that was depressing to, I did not mean for that to come out like that, >_> Even if its true.

And no, Annie has not had her baby yet, ill post that on here when she does for anyone who's following her current status.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Annie is getting ready for labor!

My little Lamancha has been moved to the kidding pen and we are now waiting while she positions the baby inside and gets ready for labor. How long were going to have to wait before it happens no one knows... But its happening :D In the end of April into march we should expect Seven to have her baby/babys! 
Keep your fingers crossed that nothing bad happens and there are no complications! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lamb has been born!!!

My Romney, one of the lambs we have been waiting for to be born, has finally been born!
We go to see her and put a deposit down  next Saturday!
I will be bringing my camera and we will be able to take pictures of who ever we decide on.
There are two white ones and one black one to chose from :D
Oh I am so excited!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sheep shots!

So, I thought it was time to update you with some actual pictures of Mist and Rose.

As you can see they are just as beautiful as ever!

And just as close, there so sweet.

They can get to the hay thankfully when goats are tethered, but that only lasts until they are done eating  so they have to chow as much hay as they can. We need to get the barn up!

Thankfully the LGD baby's have been LOVING there sheep, and the sheep have been loving them.
I love it when everyone gets along!

Mist is a mush pie so far, though not as social as Rosie.

Rosie, likes to jump up on me to say hello and sniff at my face. LOVE IT!!

Marmoona, my little Mamas girl!!

And the bitch goat Nutmeg who adores me, and hates everyone else...As long as they dont go near her hay when shes eating it then shes fine, if they do...>_> Run...

My little babys are making another dash for the hay.

Trinity!! My little angel, who loves her goats more them me T_T

Annie is very pregnant and about ready to pop! I cant wait for the babys!!

And everyone is sharing Annies hay, she walked over and they all decided it was time to grab a mouthful. 

The trouble of ducks, and rude goats...

Well, so far Rosie and Mist, my two sheep, have been outside with the goats. At first we ran into an issue with the goats hogging all of the hay, so we put up a second hay net...Nope, still hogging all of the hay.
We have to put a bunch of hay on the ground for the poor sheep, just to make sure they can get some.
Then, we realized that the goats are keeping the sheep from shelters we have out side...
So rude!!
So, now we have no choice but to buy a barn sooner then we intended, hopefully no emergencies will creep up like last time and prevent us from getting it again X_X *crosses fingers*
I put up a temporary lean-to for them, so at least they can get out of the snow and cold, but still!

As for the ducklings,
They have been enjoying there daily swims,

And so far only one seems to know how to dive...

However...This is what I was forced to resort to in there pen. I was refilling there water and cleaning there pen three sometimes five times a day! They just kept playing in there water! Ugh...As cute as it was, I was flying through sawdust like it was no tomorrow...And so, now they have a bowl, just tall enough to keep them from laying in the waterier, and yet low enough for them to fit there bills in for a drink and to clean out there nostrils. 

This is where they can play and splash as much as they like!

And boy do they have at it!

They chase each other, and dive, and swim, it is just the cutest little thing ever!

So, thats about it! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Swim time!

Time to teach the baby ducklings to swim! And that had to of been the most adorable thing i have ever done.
So far they are active and very healthy little buggers. 

Not to mention ADORABLE!!

And Adam adores them, 100% adores them!!

We let them swim until they got to wet, then we pulled them out and fluffed them up, then they snuggled into Adams shirt hehe

paddle, paddle, paddle...

This little one is my favorite so far, I really hope its a girl!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013


These are only three of the four ducklings that have hatched :D Sadly I screwed up the humidity in the brooder and we lost almost every egg :( Adam was very upset...
Though thankfully the ones that remained are very healthy and are currently peeping up a storm. 
I will make sure to post more pictures once they are settled and ready to wander about.