Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Romney, Jacobs, kids, and ducklings!!

Remember the post I made a while ago about my Romney lamb being born?
Well i went to see her!
And she is adorable!!! Huge, but adorable. 
And it would seem as though we are picking up our Jacobs ewe lamb after Easter! :D
As for Annie...
Shes still in the kidding pen, and there is still nothing...Shes pawing *as you can see by the tiny bare spot in front of her* shes off her hay, shes not eating as much grain as usually does and a lot more symptoms of pre labor!!!
However...nothing...Grrr, oh I have been up for days!!
And now...Ducklings!!

We think this is a girl,

This is a boy...Maybe...

Possibly a boy, then again sometimes sounds like a girl...

And my favorite little squishy, a girl for sure!!
They are so much bigger then this as these pictures are a week old, but omg I am not used to them growing so fast!! They have already out grown the hutch I moved them to, there no longer inside. I honestly have no clue what im going to do with them. I am going to have to build a bigger pen!

And as for Adam, my hubby who loves his garden...he has gone over board...
he has bought 150$ worth of seeds...he is also going to finally attack the gravel pit and turn it into a vegie garden. He also bought himself a unique little indoor plant. Its a orange/lime bush that only grows a little bit :D
And it produces! I cant wait to make a pie with it.  

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