Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sheep shots!

So, I thought it was time to update you with some actual pictures of Mist and Rose.

As you can see they are just as beautiful as ever!

And just as close, there so sweet.

They can get to the hay thankfully when goats are tethered, but that only lasts until they are done eating  so they have to chow as much hay as they can. We need to get the barn up!

Thankfully the LGD baby's have been LOVING there sheep, and the sheep have been loving them.
I love it when everyone gets along!

Mist is a mush pie so far, though not as social as Rosie.

Rosie, likes to jump up on me to say hello and sniff at my face. LOVE IT!!

Marmoona, my little Mamas girl!!

And the bitch goat Nutmeg who adores me, and hates everyone else...As long as they dont go near her hay when shes eating it then shes fine, if they do...>_> Run...

My little babys are making another dash for the hay.

Trinity!! My little angel, who loves her goats more them me T_T

Annie is very pregnant and about ready to pop! I cant wait for the babys!!

And everyone is sharing Annies hay, she walked over and they all decided it was time to grab a mouthful. 

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