Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spurs and hackles

Well, I just found out that one of my friends is actually the president of one of the biggest poultry shows in New England, and like I was once told, if your going to do something then you do it right.
So, i have the names of the top winning poultry breeders, and so far the ones I have heard back from will be sending me hatching eggs, and have also offered me older birds.
Its a great offer, but Ill stick with the hatching eggs just to be safe...
Americana's, Orpingtons, Bantam Favorolls, and Blue laced red wyandottes, :D
I just need to get my pet flock back together so I can have my babys back...
Calico cochins, show girls, and and my little ohikis!!! Ugh I miss them...

So, well it looks like I will be ignoring my non farm friends, and just moving forward. Its tough to know that people older then yourself act like there younger, but...Alas this is life I suppose. Once again, as always i have to move on.
Just like I did with my stalker, and high-schools, and elementary school.
So! Spurs and hackles time!! Ill make sure to post pictures of my hatch, I will be getting the eggs in on Wednesday.


  1. Wow, sounds like you will be having a great flock!
    Good luck with your eggs and pictures are expected!!! xx :D

    1. I hope so. And if I stick to my sanitation protocols and only hatching eggs then I should be able to keep a relativity healthy flock. Hopefully I wont have any problems! :D And i am getting a new incubator! 20 egg holder, plus the 14 holder I have :D