Sunday, March 10, 2013

The trouble of ducks, and rude goats...

Well, so far Rosie and Mist, my two sheep, have been outside with the goats. At first we ran into an issue with the goats hogging all of the hay, so we put up a second hay net...Nope, still hogging all of the hay.
We have to put a bunch of hay on the ground for the poor sheep, just to make sure they can get some.
Then, we realized that the goats are keeping the sheep from shelters we have out side...
So rude!!
So, now we have no choice but to buy a barn sooner then we intended, hopefully no emergencies will creep up like last time and prevent us from getting it again X_X *crosses fingers*
I put up a temporary lean-to for them, so at least they can get out of the snow and cold, but still!

As for the ducklings,
They have been enjoying there daily swims,

And so far only one seems to know how to dive...

However...This is what I was forced to resort to in there pen. I was refilling there water and cleaning there pen three sometimes five times a day! They just kept playing in there water! Ugh...As cute as it was, I was flying through sawdust like it was no tomorrow...And so, now they have a bowl, just tall enough to keep them from laying in the waterier, and yet low enough for them to fit there bills in for a drink and to clean out there nostrils. 

This is where they can play and splash as much as they like!

And boy do they have at it!

They chase each other, and dive, and swim, it is just the cutest little thing ever!

So, thats about it! 

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