Saturday, April 20, 2013

Babys, fences and milk!

Guess who finally had her baby!! Annie did! She finally gave birth to a little boy we have dubbed Boomer!
Him, we cant keep. Ugh...So hard!! But, I am sure we can find him a wonderful home! :D
He was born on Thursday! :D

His mother is milking like a champ!  So far she is producing up to half a gallon a day! And her udder is still developing. I am so so proud of her :D

This year we are putting our efforts into fencing and readying the yard for the sheep. So far we have fence one done, and the posts for fence two all hammered into the ground. Now we just need to put the fence up, and then start on the third fence so the sheep will have all three pastures for this summer. 

So far the eggs are all growing well, and the chicks are due to hatch in 5 days! Then we got more duck eggs!
With the loss of our little girl, we just had to try hatching the ducks one more time.
Seven and Nutty are due on the 24th and the 30th of next month :D More babys are hopefully on there way!!

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