Monday, April 8, 2013

Mira, Naked sheep, Ducks are outside, eggs, and a newbie!!

Well, even with the birth of the little lamb we have named Mira, we are still going to move forward with what we have been planning since last year.
The barn has AGAIN been pushed off to next year, ugh, but the lambs we have been waiting for will not be.
The Jacobs and the Romney!
Guess who came home Saturday?

My little Jacobs!! We have named her Kora :D She is two months old, and will be going outside on Saturday. 
As for the naked sheep...
Mist lost his wool!!!

I sheared him, and now he is actually quite happy.

I put him outside and he gave a hop, skip and a jump lol.

Although Rosie had to sniff him over first to make sure he was really Mist. She didn't believe me...
Rosie and Mira are outside!

These were taken a few days before Mist was shorn. 
This little bugger is the cutest little thing ever, we are going to see if we can keep her, but if finances say no, then sadly she will have to be placed...

Hopefully things will work out, but if not since she is a ewe im sure she will find a really good home :D
The ducks are finally outside, YAY!!!!!!!
And there thrilled, they love there pool and there new house!

They are so much better outside, omg its great. I still have to clean them a lot, but thankfully since there outside for most of the day its not as frequently ^^

And....Last update!!
The hatching eggs that were sent, that was lost in the mail for two weeks, FINALLY arrived on the 4th and for giggles we threw them in the batter. SIX eggs are growing!! Much to my, and the breeders surprise!
So now were waiting to see if they actually make it to full term or not.

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