Thursday, May 23, 2013

BIG update :D

So sorry about the lack of updating, but we have been very busy.
Baby Boomer is growing like a weed!!!

Mara is loving her sheep, and even the little surprise lamb is doing great! 

This is the latest addition to the flock, Adams baby who he picked out himself. She is a Romney and not been named yet, but omg is she big and FLUFFY!!!

Seven had her babys!! 

Twins actually, Mona the spotted one and Felicity the floppy eared one.
Both are does :D

We have kept two Anaconas, Mayball and Alphy.

Then of course we hatched out some more. We only want two-three girls and one boy, so here is hoping we have at least one girl in this batch! There so sweet though TwT
Nutmeg is in the hat of shame...She keeps getting stuck in the fence! So we put this on her horns to stop her from getting stuck and inevitably hurting herself.

Rosie is all naked!

The chicks have hatched! We have them back, and its great to hear them peeping!

his little one Loves me :D

This one not so much...

Even Danny is happy to help out!

All the gardens are planted :D

And they are looking great!

We have moved the herb beds to two old dressers. 

And so far I love it!

And lastly, little miss Trinity is having a blast with her goats!

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  1. Wow, you've had a busy time! I love your furry, feathery family :)